23 February 2009

A few weeks back, A came home from the health food store across the street with a bag full of stroopwafel. I was delighted. Have you ever had a stroopwafel? It's a chewy syrup soaked thin waffle cookie from Gouda, in the Netherlands, that maintains a crispness and finely pressed texture that's incredibly delicious. I had my first stroopwafel at a bakery not too far from our hotel in Amsterdam. If you can find them, pick some up and enjoy with a hot cup of coffee. They are better when warm and gooey, fresh from the bakery, but they aren't bad from the box either; in fact, you will wish you knew about them sooner.

[1. Roboppy]

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Victoria said...

Ah the famous dutch stroopwafel. I live in the Netherlands so we have them aplenty. A tip for enjoying them when they aren't fresh from the oven - balance them on top of your coffee / hot chocolate cup and the steam keeps them warm and delicious and gooey inside. Enjoy.


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