22 January 2012

Getting through the short gray days of winter in Portland is not an easy task, but we can all find ways of tempering the rainy day doldrums with something cozy and chic to slip over our heads. My winter fix has been Beau & Marigold's line of sought-after sweaters. I find them so easy to throw on with a pair of boots and feel so pull together and prepared for winter's chill. Not only are the sweaters knit with luxurious yarns and designed with a nod to timeless style, but the designer happens to be one of the most fantastic and talented women I've met in Portland.

With a second winter underway, I'm amassing a little bit of a collection.

PS: To keep all of my sweaters pill-free, I use a sweater stone.

[1-3. Beau & Marigold; 4. c. lynn]

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Anna B said...

LOVE!!!! You are so cool....


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