07 January 2011

lemon wedge

In keeping with the idea of working through all of the groceries you have in the fridge before you leave for a trip, I wanted to do something with all of the jarred Meyer lemon juice that I had left over from the limoncello I made for friends for the holidays. What does one do when one has way too much lemon juice? Make lemon bars!

I worked off of Ina Garten's recipe to make these luscious lemony treats. Now I just need someone aside from A and myself to eat them! Any takers?

[1. c. lynn]

1 comment:

Caoimheq said...

They look delicious! Happy New Year to you & Aaron. I enjoy reading your blog & wonder how you find the time for all the baking, cooking & craftwork!

China will be a fab trip! Enjoy! We went animal watching again on hols this year, to Kenya & tanzania. Wonderful holiday. Expecting a baby in June so holidays will be curtailed for a few years but hope to make it back aboard the Polar Pioneer at some stage in the future!

Anyway hope 2011 is good to you!

Take care, caoimhe


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