31 October 2009

chocolate cupcakes

After watching scary movies and baking all day, we are off to a costume party at one of our Halloween-obsessed friend's house. We're bringing brain creepcakes, one of the many creative Halloween recipes available on marthastewart.com. How disgusting and utterly perfect for zombie movie fans!

N.B. Don't use the suggested Swiss merinque buttercream icing for the brainit curdles and is rather finicky. Instead, use the cream cheese frosting from pinchmysalt.

Also, in honor of Halloween, I present the scariest non-scary movie of all time: The Peanut Butter Solution [1985] and because I grew up about an hour away from Sleepy Hollow, Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow [1952] and also The Skeleton Dance [1929].


cerré said...

do i see studiopatro towel under your muffins!?


C. Lynn said...

oh yes. only the best. i'm really enjoying the tea towels and the garçon apron is getting a lot of use!


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